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Providing valuable insights to the world

IDR is a global expert network with over 500,000+ vetted professionals across various sectors and geographies. We serve leading organizations, including corporations, consultancies, market research firms, financial institutions, and law firms.

Information for Innovation

Our unique approach to client service

  • Premium Expertise. An efficient operating model allows us to provide highly relevant experts significantly below old inflated market pricing. Premium expertise without premium pricing.
  • Flexible Pricing. No artificial minimum. No subscription requirement. IDR offers the convenience of pay-as-you-go, a flexible payment model.
  • Adaptable. Every business has unique needs, and we adapt our operations to meet particular business needs and rigorous diligence requirements.
  • Honest. We maintain transparency in our processes and provide clients and experts with clear and open communication.
  • Fast Turnaround. We connect clients with important stakeholders within hours.
  • Custom Recruitment. We custom recruit new experts based on client requirements at no extra cost.